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About Chip

Hey there,

I’m updating the About me section because I’m bored, and nothing interests me more than talking about myself.

Let’s start with the most basic social question: “What do you do?” Well, I have been asking myself the same question since I was a kid. My career path keeps jerking up and down randomly without any coherence just like a Justin Bieber’s video clip.

I’m a self-proclaimed BarCamp nomad. I co-organized the first BarCamp in Vietnam and has helped organizing several other BarCamps in Vietnam & Malaysia. When my budget allows, I travel to attend BarCamps in the region. Like other BarCamp nomads, I don’t understand most of the talks, but it’s always a great pleasure to gang up with old friends to make fun of those who understand. I have also hosted and helped host up to 20 technology events in Vietnam, including Hacker Happy Hour, Cloud Computing Conference, etc.

I also founded Free Hugs Vietnam – a youth volunteer organization. Our motto is “Konnect & Empower Youth”. All our members can speak English fluently. We are always open for partnership opportunities.

I’m currently a student at Stanford University. Yep, I know what you think, I must be smart and definitely a show-off. I hope to major in more than one of the followings: Artificial Intelligence, Creative Writing, Film & Media Studies. When nobody is looking, I entertain the idea of becoming a standup comedian.

In my free time (which I have a lot), I travel, do kickboxing and play chess. I try to write sometimes but reading my own writing just makes me appreciate other people’s writing more. Usually, I end up reading and criticizing instead.

For some reasons beyond any of my friends’ imagination, parents seem to want their kids to hang out with me. I’m living a healthy lifestyle: no drug, no alcohol, no boyfriend. Ha, I can’t believe you bought it.

Never see a Vietnamese before? Now you can see one for free here!

This is how I see the world

This is how I see the world

This is how the world sees me

This is how the world sees me

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  1. Nàng Cười Dolphin December 7, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    Chị giỏi TA quá :3 ngày xưa, chị học TA như thế nào vậy :3

  2. Viet Anh February 20, 2014 at 10:37 am

    Hi Chip! Mình thích blog của bạn và nể phục khả năng tiếng anh của bạn. Bạn có thể chỉ cho mình vài mẹo nhỏ để học tiếng Anh tiết kiệm thời gian một chút không?
    Cảm ơn Chip (mình là em anh Lâm Dế)

  3. Dương Hoàng May 1, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    một cô gái có nhiều phiền muôn và ưu tư, tuy vậy sống đúng với cá tính của mình điều đó không phải là tốt hơn sao

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