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Full time traveler & Part time writer

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Full time traveler & Part time writer

It might take years to find out what you want to do, but it only takes few minutes to find out what you don’t.

One day, you will have to wake up and talk to yourself: “Enough is enough”. Life is too short to be wasted on doing what you don’t like.

So I quit my job.

Everybody asks what my next plan is. To be honest, I have no plan. I want to travel, and to finance my traveling, I need to find a freelance job. The only thing I can think of is writing. I started writing a long time ago and have had my writing featured on some major newspapers in Vietnam. When my friend created a fanpage for me on Facebook, for some reason, he categorized me as a writer. But I already quit it. Writing came to me so naturally that I had never taken it serious. However, just few days ago, I talked to a stranger visiting my blog and he asked if I was a writer: “Your writing is very strong. You must be a writer.” It made me think that maybe I really have a thing for writing. Sometimes you spend the whole life searching for what you do the best, while the whole world can see it right away from the first time they talk to you.

Full time traveler & part time writer, doesn’t it sound good? Yes it does, but well, whenever you come up with an exciting plan, reality will come up with thousands of very unexciting reasons to make it not happen.

I soon realized that the laptop I was using belonged to the company and I’d have to return it after the resignation. No computer, no writing. My own laptop and camera were given away a long time ago and my phone got wasted (I thought of using the word “fucked up” at first then I realized that I have to sell my writing to traditional media so I’d better be nice) because of water festival in Laos. And now I quit my job, I won’t get my salary to buy any of these. I didn’t even have a proper home to come back and rest for a while. I’ve been away for so long that my parents’ house doesn’t have a room for me anymore.

So what?

The worst scenario is that I’ll have to come back to Vietnam jobless, homeless & money-less. I’ll have to find a stable job there then. Can it kill me? No. Then why don’t I give it a shot?

I spent half of my money on a netbook. A netbook might not be powerful as a laptop, but it’s enough for just writing, IMs & browsing web. Its weight and design are also perfect for traveling. I can stick with my phone for a little while. The camera thing isn’t that easy. I need one with acceptable quality to take good travel shots and it’s not cheap. I don’t know how, but I know that I’ll manage to get one on the way.

In the next 2 months, I’ll be traveling around Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau & China. If things go well, from October to March next year, I’ll travel around South America.

Even though there are a lot of obstacles awaiting for me, I feel quite happy that I finally made a move. I don’t know how far I can go, but how would I know if I never tried? The problem will be solved,  the plan will be made and the path will be taken. Keep my fingers crossed!

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